Specialty Treatments:

Cardiac Care

Heart is unnoticed till things go bad. But, it is never too late if adequate treatment/medication is taken on-time to curtail the serious effects of Heart related issues. Be it Uncontrolled Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Valvular Heart diseases, CAD, Obesity and Thyroid; Homeopathy provides best harmless treatment.


For Female: Fast moving life & unhealthy food habits have taken toll on many ladies of this generation. Mainly after marriage many face the hurdle of going through allopathic treatment/checkups to identify their issues in getting pregnant. Sad thing is many don't know that homeopathy provides best treatment ever for infertility without all the mental pressure caused by allopathic treatments. Try homeopathy, you won't regret it for sure.

For Male: Couple who are getting ready to become parents, often miss out on the part of male when the female counterpart is failed to conceive in intial efforts. It will be really healthy if male partners, voluntarily test their sperm quality as part of pre-natal check up. The sperm count issue commonly prevalent in male partners can be efficiently treated with homeopathy without much stress on them.


Wonder why specialty treatment for Piles?! Because this is one among the discrete issues which we don't want to share publicly, but definitely needs a better treatment for complete cure. Homeopathy's promise for Piles treatment is complete cure. For those in need of anonymity can book an appointment in prior mentioning their issue. There is even an online consultation available through email. If the patient can provide details (over call or mail) on the current level of the Piles problem, the appropriate medicine will be sent over the courier.

All Treatments: