Consultation in Clinic

  1. Reach the clinic within Consulting Hours
  2. There is neither a person to handle the queue nor a token system
  3. Please wait for your turn based on your arrival
  4. If Consulting Hours doesn't suit your timings consider opting for Consultation over Call

Consultation over Call

  1. Call doctor at +91-9047440190 or +91-9786066800
  2. Briefly explain the current symptoms and medications being taken (if any)
  3. If doctor suggests; perform necessary laboratory tests then inform doctor either over call or message (whatsapp or email)
  4. If doctor agrees to diagnose, please inform full contact address to receive the medication in courier
  5. Transfer the medication cost to the Bank Account number specified by the doctor

Packaged Remedies

Renal Stone: Package containing effective homeopathic medicines to completely remove renal stones without surgery.

Piles Treatment: Package containing only necessary homeopathic medicines to completely cure early stage Piles.

Impotence: Hesitation is a big problem for males with impotence problems. Opting for proven homeopathic medicines to treat impotence will make lot of difference in one's life. Choose this to get a complete cure without losing your identity & without feeling shy.

Infertility: Fast moving life & unhealthy food habits have taken toll on many ladies of this generation. Mainly after marriage many face the hurdle of going through allopathic treatment/checkups to identify their issues in getting pregnant. Sad thing is many don't know that homeopathy provides best treatment ever for infertility without all the mental pressure one has to go through in case of allopathic treatments. This package is highly verified and fine tuned to give effective cure for ladies with infertility problems.

Osteoarthritis: Sedentary life, this is what we can call our generation's life based on their lifestyle & work. It is amazing to know many people start facing joint aches as early as age 40! Though healthy lifestyle involving physical exercise in early age postpones/avoids joint aches, demanding life oddly leaves time for that. No one to blame. This package is exactly targeted for those people with less/no time do physical exercise. Many patients have sighed relief after taking this homeopathic medicine package in months time.

Diabetes: Everyone knows the silent killer of our human race: Diabetes. This is a gateway to all life threatening illnesses. Instead of panicking on allopathic treatments, try homeopathy where one can find very good no side effect treatments. This package provides very good diabetic focused homeopathic medicines.